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Refuse Collector

Equipment for the collection and the transportation of the urban solid waste.

The HRP of our production has been projected to quarantine high performances during the service of collection, compression and transportation of urban solid waste. The equipment is easy to use and works in a quickly and efficiently way. Furthermore, it needs only a limited maintenance and presents an easy accessibility to the mechanical organs. All its characteristics respect the current regulation concerning the road-traffic, the prevention of the industrial accidents, the protection of the worker, and the atmospheric/acoustic pollution and the protection of the environment (ref.: Machine-Regulation no.: 89/392/CEE and its modifications). All our solution satisfy the regulations issued by the Building Companies of the chassis concerning the realizations of this type of equipment. The realization of the machine is made of using materials without any defect. The productive process controls of the quality during the different phases of construction, accordingly to the law UNI EN ISO 9001 (whose certificate has been obtained by our Company).


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